The Way Vintage Jewelry Can Easily Transform A Look

The proper accessories, unlike any other addition to the ensemble you are choosing for the day, will give you an extra bit of pop. Even belts and scarves, though functional and funky, are unable to do what vintage jewelry can do for a personal fashion statement. These unique pieces, including broaches, necklaces or eye-catching rings, can indicate the wearer’s fashion point of view, show an appreciation for classic designs or even serve as a conversation starter with a stranger in the coffee shop.

How Do You Know If A Piece Is Vintage?

It is sometimes difficult to know how the word vintage relates specifically to jewelry considering the fact that its meaning can be fairly broad. Plus, the use of similar terms like “antique” and “estate” when describing jewelry can further muddy the waters. Generally speaking, an item needs to be at least a hundred years old to qualify as “antique,” while “vintage” generally refers to an item that is more in the range of 50 years old. To further define it as “estate” jewelry, the piece will likely have been owned by someone else.

However, it’s worth noting that “vintage” can mean different things to different people. Some would say the term could reference an item clearly tied to a specific design style, such as Mid-Century, but not a specific age. Before claiming an item is vintage or before buying jewelry labeled as such, it is essential that one pinpoints a piece’s era.

On the Hunt for Quality Pieces

As with any purchase of a preowned item, it’s always an excellent idea to do a bit of research before handing over money for a piece of jewelry. There are a couple of things that can prove useful in this process including knowing a specific designers’ marks or a company’s icon and having an understanding of the styles from various eras. If an item’s patina or gem-setting method can help peg it to a period of time, it’s ideal to be able to recognize those traits.

Older, preowned jewelry ordinarily is one of a kind, so if a store is displaying five rings of the exact same style, those are new pieces as opposed to vintage. Although a piece may look old, it might have been manufactured last week and treated to appear aged.

The ability to demonstrate that their jewelry is not only authentically vintage as well as that gemstones or metals on the pieces are genuine is common among respected sellers. Prior to making a purchase, buyers should not hesitate to ask questions.

Caring for a Mature Jewelry Collection

For individuals who would like to wear vintage jewelry on a daily basis, it’s crucial to store and clean the collection properly. All pieces should be arranged so that they are not bumping into or scratching one another, and any items that are strung, such as pearl necklaces or jewelry with beading, should lie flat in order to prevent stretching. Since they can cause glues to break down or metals to pit, high heat and moisture should be avoided. Before one uses household cleaning chemicals, jewelry needs to be removed.

If you have vintage items, there are several jewelry cleaners that may be used. Careful use of glass cleaner is acceptable too. Jewelry needs to be completely dry before it is tucked into its storage pouch or a curio cabinet no matter which is used.

Stylish, classic items are a perfect addition to any jewelry wardrobe. By knowing vintage characteristics, shopping intelligently and taking good care of items, owners can enjoy their unique statement pieces for years to come.

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