Top Reasons To Consider Selling Your Jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, financial gain alone is not always the main reason why people choose to sell their precious and expensive jewelry. In many instances, jewelry is associated with significant relationships and frequently conjures up feelings and memories that might not always be pleasant. In those cases, it’s not too uncommon for someone to ponder the question “Should I sell my jewelry?” If the memory attached to that specific item is simply too painful to want to keep it, then it might be a good idea to let it go.

Another reason people would want to sell their jewelry is simply because their tastes have changed or evolved to exclude that particular style. Perhaps your old jewelry is gold, but now you’ve gained a greater appreciation for platinum or silver. You could have a healthy collection of cute charm bracelets that suited your taste back in college, but now you gravitate towards a much more sophisticated look, or maybe you prefer more ethnic motif designs. It could be time for a makeover in that department if your taste in jewelry is not currently reflected in what you own.

People actually have asked themselves, “Shall I sell my jewelry” a lot of other times. The fact that it is simply not being worn anymore is one good reason. It could be that you like to follow numerous fashion trends, or perhaps you do not follow any trends at all. A person may not even think about putting on earrings or bracelets prior to leaving the house depending on how hectic their lifestyle is. If you haven’t worn something in a long time, the chances that you will start wearing it once more are slim to none. Therefore, selling items that somebody else would want and get good use out of is a good reason to pass it on.

Additionally, people might trade their jewelry for either services or goods. Perhaps there is an independent dealer who takes jewelry as a form of payment and they have a piece of art you want to have. If your jewelry is valuable enough and is worth the price of an item you wish to purchase, then bartering may be an option. It is particularly beneficial if you have no emotional ties to the piece of jewelry and it’s just sitting in your jewelry box gathering dust. This resourceful course of action keeps your money in the bank while still allowing you the freedom to get the items you want.

Additionally, there businesses that will buy it from you to either repair to resell, or to melt down and make something new if you have jewelry that is broken or does not function properly anymore. When you compare the cost to repair that bracelet or necklace versus the cost of purchasing those items brand new, this alternative makes a lot of sense. If you’re plagued by the question, “Should I sell my jewelry?” these are all good answers.

Finally, a great reason to let a piece of jewelry go is if you are gifting it to someone who could actually benefit from having it. Maybe the piece is an heirloom you want to pass on to another generation. It may be that a member of your family is graduating from college or getting married. This translates into new and pleasant memories when you see it again as well as makes you feel good because you are giving something valuable to a loved one.

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When Selling Jewelry, Use These Points

These days, it seems like it is always a buyer’s market. From cars to homes and everything in between, shoppers have their pick of the litter. So, how do you go about selling jewelry in a way that is going to get your precious gems the most exposure? Here are a few ways to get your jewelry out of the box and into the hands of new owners.

Knowing what your jewelry is worth is the first step to selling it. Attempting to price your items before knowing what they cost can be annoying and somewhat impossible to do. You’ll have a better idea of what a potential buyer is willing to pay when you’re armed with this information. You may be thinking at this point that you ought to get your jewelry appraised. Even though that may sound like a fantastic idea, you shouldn’t forget about the market price. When you compare appraised value and market value, there is a difference. The former is not the most accurate indication of what your jewelry is worth whereas the latter is much more valid in determining actual value.

You must seek out the services of an independent appraiser if you want the most correct assessment of your items. Unlike a retailer, a professional operating independently won’t have any interest in your jewelry that would contribute to either an inflated or marginally lower price. You’re going to get the most accurate valuation from an appraiser; on this point, you can rely.

Once you are aware of what your items are worth, the next step to selling jewelry is trying to figure out the logistics. There are different approaches to putting your items up for sale. You can choose to concentrate on one way of selling or up your likelihood of finding a potential buyer by using several methods at the same time. One of your best resources always starts with who you know. Reaching out to family, friends, and colleagues may prove to be the most fruitful method, and it’ll not cost you a penny to advertise.

After you have spread the word, you might want to find out what a few retail jewelry stores are prepared to spend to purchase your pieces. Quite a few retail outlets are regulated by the state and are required to be licensed, especially when they purchase jewelry from the public; this is very good news. You can ordinarily obtain tentative offers from these companies over the phone or through email before visiting their locations in person. However, since jewelry stores must put up most of the cash to complete the sale, you most likely won’t get the full price of your items.

The internet may be a sensible option since you get to list the exact purchase price and the intention is to try and recoup as much of the value for your items as possible. This method will provide you with the most exposure with the least amount of effort. Make sure to do your research and find out if any of the sites charge extra fees that are taken off at the time of the sale.

You should elect a certified jewelry buyer with an established place of business for total protection and security for selling jewelry. From the valuation to the sale, these professionals are better equipped to handle every part of the process providing you with peace of mind and cash in hand.

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Classic bling once owned by Liz Taylor, Greta Garbo on sale …

“”What she used it for, we don’t know,” said Liz Petras, who oversees the estate jewelry department at Freeman Jewelers in the South Mall in Allentown, where the Garbo pin and a generous handful of other pieces of celebrity jewelry and accessories were on display Thursday.”

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Vintage Jewelry Can Help You Make A Statement

<p>The correct accessories, unlike any other addition to the ensemble you’re picking for the day, will give you an extra bit of pop. Scarves and belts may be functional and funky, but it’s difficult to top the personal fashion statement one gets from wearing vintage jewelry. The wearer’s fashion perspective or an appreciation for classic designs can be revealed or for use as a conversation starter with a stranger in the coffee shop, unique pieces, including broaches, necklaces or eye-catching rings will do the trick.</p>

<p>What Precisely Qualifies as “Vintage”?</p>

<p>Sometimes it is difficult to know how the word vintage pertains specifically to jewelry considering the fact that its meaning can be quite broad. Plus, the use of similar terms including “antique” and “estate” when describing jewelry can further muddy the waters. “Vintage” often refers to an item that is more in the range of 50 years old, while “antique” is generally used for items that are at least 100 years old. To further establish it as “estate” jewelry, the piece will likely have been owned by someone else.</p>

<p>However, it’s worth noting that “vintage” can mean different things to different people. Some would say the term could make reference to an item clearly tied to a specific design style, for example Mid-Century, but not a specific age. It’s important that one identifies a piece’s era before claiming an item is vintage or before purchasing jewelry labeled as such.</p>

<p>On the Hunt for High Quality Pieces</p>

<p>It is always a good idea to do a little research before handing over money for a piece of jewelry as is the case with any preowned item. Knowing specific designers’ marks or a company’s icon will be helpful, as is a having a basic understanding of the styles from various eras. It is ideal if you can recognize defining traits such as if an item’s patina or gem-setting method can help peg it to a time frame.</p>

<p>Older, preowned jewelry usually is one of a kind, so if a store is displaying five rings of the same style, those are new pieces as opposed to vintage. A piece might have been manufactured a week ago and then treated to seem aged.</p>

<p>The ability to demonstrate that their jewelry is not only authentically vintage as well as that gemstones or metals on the pieces are genuine is common among trustworthy sellers. Buyers should not hesitate to ask questions before making a purchase.</p>

<p>Caring for a Mature Jewelry Collection</p>

<p>For individuals who would like to wear vintage jewelry on a regular basis, it’s crucial to store and clean the collection properly. All pieces should be arranged so that they aren’t bumping into or scratching each other, and any items that are strung, such as pearl necklaces or jewelry with beading, should lie flat so as to prevent stretching. Because they can cause glues to break down or metals to pit, high heat and moisture should be avoided. Jewelry should be removed before one uses household cleaning chemicals.</p>

<p>If you have vintage items, there are many jewelry cleaners that may be used. Careful use of glass cleaner is acceptable as well. Jewelry should be totally dry before it is nestled into its storage pouch or a curio cabinet no matter which is used.</p>

<p>Any jewelry wardrobe can benefit from stylish, classic items. By knowing vintage characteristics, shopping prudently and taking good care of items, owners can enjoy their unique statement pieces for years to come.</p>
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New Life, Love For Estate Jewelry


“There are many things that appeal to customers when it comes to choosing estate jewelry, according to Steve Goodman of Sally Goodman. He noted that many older pieces are handcrafted in platinum versus cast or mass-produced like many rings today.”

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